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Who are Pilot's Small Business Products for?

This line of products was designed with smaller companies in mind, making fiber-optic internet accessible to them at a price point that won’t break the bank.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

No! All of our services are month-to-month and you can cancel at any time.

How do I know if Pilot can service my building?

Pilot services many commercial addresses in New York City. To find out if Pilot can service your address, submit an inquiry on our homepage.

Will there be downtime when the service is installed?

No. We will not disrupt your existing internet connection when our service is installed. After our installation is complete, you will be able to switch over from your existing internet provider at your convenience.

How am I billed?

We email you an invoice at the start of every billing cycle. Unless you’ve made a change to your Pilot service, the invoice will be the same every month. Unless you’ve chosen to pay via ACH, Check, or Wire Transfer, we will automatically attempt to charge your credit card on your due date.

What forms of payment does Pilot accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. We also accept payment by ACH and wire transfers. If you are an Enterprise organization and must pay by check or purchase order, please contact your Account Manager.

Are there any additional taxes or fees?

No. The pricing on our website is fully inclusive of any applicable taxes or fees. The price you see is truly the price you pay.

Can I purchase Pilot Voice without Pilot Internet?

No, you will need to have a Pilot Internet connection to take advantage of our Voice product so we can guarantee that your phone service will be amazing and reliable by ensuring that it’s running over New York City’s best internet. 

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

No! All of our services are month-to-month and you can cancel at any time.

What type of phone is included with Pilot Voice?

Pilot currently provides (1) Polycom VVX250 handset per seat.

Can I use my own phones with Pilot Voice?

Currently we support the Polycom VVX line of devices. Additional compatibility will be determined on a case by case basis. Email sales@pilotfiber.com for more info.

Do you have a phone buyback program?

We currently don't offer a phone buy back program but are happy to discuss potential options on a case by case basis!

Why should I switched to a hosted VOIP phone solution such as Pilot Voice?

Unlike on premise phone systems, hosted VoIP systems never lose value. Just the opposite in fact. New features are released automatically every few months and you get the benefit.

Can I keep my phone numbers?

Absolutely! We have a thorough porting process that ensures we port each of your numbers.

What happens to my phone calls if the internet isn't work?

Our system monitors the status of the phones with every phone call. If your internet stops working, we can automatically reroute calls to another site, an answering service or even your cell phone. This all happens behind the scenes, and will not impact call quality or ability make or receive calls.

What is the lead time to get Pilot Voice installed?

We can install your new phones within two weeks of having your Pilot internet connection setup. In most cases the porting process will take 2-3 weeks from submission of all the required documents. However, incomplete information can delay the process.

What equipment will be installed in my office?

For most customers, the only equipment we’ll need to install in your office are the phones themselves.

What equipment do I need in my office to support Pilot Voice?

For most office settings, we’ll confirm with you that you have network jacks (RJ-45) available at each workstation where you’ll need a phone. 

What taxes and fees are there on top of the monthly rate?

All taxes and fees are inclusive in our per-seat pricing. If you need additional phone numbers, toll free numbers, a virtual fax line, or upgraded conference phones we can provide these at an affordable rate in addition to your standard per-seat rate.